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I like the concept, but how does this compare / complement

with DARPA ?

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Anduril, et al.


The above are serious business people and of course Andersson Horowitz are a VC who want to help my country [America] in many ways including Defense.

Now whatever Australia may be able to do, America can't do a government office of anything, so go to the groups and businessmen who are interested in actually improving the country including Defense.

DOD takes for example 6 years to get to contract: 2 to identify requirement, 2 to approve, 2 to get to contract. See below.


Please understand FAILURE PAYS, success doesn't in American Governance.

If a Road or Construction project goes on for years over schedule and years over budget, that's not incompetence or failure - that's competence and success at turning millions$ into Billions$.

That people including Americans die along the way and nations are laid waste doesn't occur to the avaricious toads as long as they get fatter, and any attempt to disturb the bog will bring out the toxins in the Toads.

There can't be a new office of Science and Technology....it could however be contracted and exist in a private/public partnership - as this is already successfully done.

Thank you, Happy 2024, good luck.

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